A window is the border, the barrier between inside and outside, between the
private and the public space. You look trough a window to what happens out-
side, or you are curious to know what’s inside.
The house you live in determines your vision on the world.
As, you can’t stand people to look inside. You want your privacy. That’s the
reason why we use curtians or shutters. We fence ourselves. At the same
time we want expose ourselves to the outside world. In extreme conditions a
window is a showplace to get attention of passers-by.
P.O.V. window

I draw on windows with window wipers and brushes, tinted oil or soap.
Some parts get opake and mask the view behind. At the same time via the
transparant spots in the drawing the reality in the background still plays a
I take photographs of the drawing on different times of the day, so that the
effect of time and light become visible in the animations.
The drawings symbolize the hindrances to look.

Staining the interface – on Line Boogaerts’ window dressing strategies- by Edwin Carels (Click here)

Knack Focus, rubriek expo nr 22 from 30/5 by Els Fiers (Dutch only)