'P.O.V. Window', opening exhibition Graphology, MUHKA, February 2011

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On the opening of the exhibition “Graphology”, I made drawings on the two opposite doors of the cafetaria in the MUHKA museum.
The development of the performance (the constuction and cleaning of the drawing) was similar to a theater piece: appear, introducing myself with my attributes ( I drew on the window the tools with which I paint (cleaning material, window wipers, brushes,..)) and close the curtains. (I built a painted wall with bricks.)
The performance had also the same rhythm as a party: building and breaking down.
Exspecially on an opening it’s not common to leave a dirty rag or showing the cleaning material. (That remains private and not public.) Normally the cleaning service is working hidden, they are working before the guests are coming. This contrast was interesting.