2013, 27/06 - 30/06, "D.ART", dijlefeesten beeldend luik, Mechelen
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title(drawing on window in situ): "Looking through the classics"
titel (projectie1 op zuil): "The architecture of Luca Cambiaso"
ondertiteling: kinderen uit de academie tekenen
video, HDV, looped, color

titel (projectie2 op zuil): "the artist"
video, 1 min, looped, color

text about the work:

Windows are embedded in the architecture, they are part of the context, in this case a cultural center. The window looks out at the Academy. We draw in the tradition of Western art history, and in that sense we also get our training. The plaster images serve as examples.

You draw to classical models, as well as to perception, to memory or emotions. Drawings evoke images that have power. As an old use as graffiti scratches on the pillars in former churches who forces wishes or gives protection.

During the exhibition the window will gradually recover in its original function, its transparency and unobstructed view on the outside world.

"Looking through the classics"  












kinderen uit de academie tekenen
"The architecture of Luca Cambiaso": kinderen uit de academie tekenen

"the artist"